Meditation in Sinhala

Need for Meditation

A mind is filled with full of thoughts. From birth to death, constantly, thoughts are arising and passing away, similar to a flow of a river, which resulted in unrest in the mind. This is known as stress, frustration, sorrow etc, etc. 

You clearly know that if your body involves with a lot of activities constantly, you need to stop work and get rest. The same principle applies to the unrest mind too. The meditation is one and only technique can be used to rest the mind. 

During the meditation, the mind rests on an object and stops its momentary state. There are forty objects have been identified in the Buddhist Teachings for this purpose. The breath that is constantly taken place in your body and lovingkindness are the popular objects used for meditation nowadays. 

Basically, Two Types of Meditation are described in the Buddhist Teachings. 

Tranquility Meditation (Samtha Bhavanā)  

The mind focuses and rests on an object in order to acquire relaxation to the mind. Generally, in this type of meditation, the mind receives  a lot of relaxation during the meditation period. This type of meditation is very helpful in day to day life, as it improves your ability to draw your full concentration on your regular work. 

Insight Meditation (Vipassanā Bhavanā) 

Our thoughts that generate our minds are characterized by lust (lobha), anger (dosa) and delusion (moha). These are the root causes to  create all types of emotions in our mind. The thoughts of emotions distort and hide the reality or true nature of a life. 

The reality is such that our lives are subjected to impermanent (antta) and uncontrollable by anybody (anātma). Because of these two natural phenomena, we constantly face with the state of unsatisfactory (dukkha), physically as well as mentally. 

The Insight Meditation trains your mind to accept these realities as they are and face the reality without any emotions which are the Equanimity (upekkhā). 

For beginners 

In the meditation programs, beginners are guided to start with tranquility meditation to proceed. Regular and uninterrupted practice is very much needed, in order to acquire good results. The patience and tolerance are the two key factors to carry with the personality with those who are practicing meditation. 

Regular participation in weekly programs is greatly welcome.