Sunday School Syllabus

Junior Class

The syllabus for this group includes lessons of Lord Buddha's life story from Birth to Enlightenment starting from the significance of Queen Maha Maya's dream all the way up to the Path to Enlightenment and so on. Also Buddhist chantings are taught with meanings for better understanding. 

The title of the lessons are:

     Significance of Queen Maha Maya's Dream 

     Birth of Prince Siddhartha 

     Marvels at his birth 

     The Naming Ceremony 

     Prajapathi Gothami 


     Demonstration of the mastery of manly arts and sporting skills 

     The Marriage 

     The four visions

     Events Leading up to the Renunciation 

     The great Renunciation 

     Rigorous Practices of Self Mortification 

     The path to Enlightenment 

     The Seven week retreat 


     Prince Rahula 

Senior Class

The life story of Lord Buddha  (birth to parinibbana)

     Lord Buddha's daily Routine 

     The Seven Weeks after awakening 

     The story of Visaka Upasika 

     Angulimala, KIng Ajasatta, etc. 


Jathaka Stories 

     Value of meditation 

     Various forms of meditation 

     The triple jem 

     Jayamangala Gatha 

     Sigalowada sutta  (Respect your  parents, elders, and duty towards society)

     Mangala Sutta 

     Karaneiyamatta Sutta 

     Dhamma Pada Gatha 

     Facts about Dhamma 

     Theory of Karma 

     8 Fold Path