Dhamma Talk (Dhamma Discussions)

Dhamma is the reality in existence. No one can challenge or change the reality. The Buddha discovered the reality in his Enlightenment and preached to the world. The reality stands on three bases such as impermanence, no self (uncontrollable nature existence), state of unsatisfactory. That is the end result. Those who do not accept these three realities, move forward with emotions such as frustration, anger, sorrow, stress etc. No one can go against the reality.

The Buddha preached 84000 disclosures in different manner, in order to explain this reality and teach how to interact and live with the reality in a moderate and simple life style. In his teachings, his main focus was on the human body. Human body consists of mind (intangible part) and body (tangible part). The mind makes the body active. The body becomes inactive, once the mind departs the body at the death.

The Buddha elaborated the nature and existence of mind and body in different ways.

• In the Four Noble Truth

• In the Dependent Origination Law

• In the operation of Five Aggregates

• In the path of purification. The path leading to the freedom of the mind or the path to the Supreme Bliss of   Nibbana.

The Dhamma Talks are based on these principles to explain and discuss the above realities in detailed manner. You may research and investigate the Dhamma and prepare for more elaborate discussion in Dhamma. You may be able to inform the Bhante in advance about the Area of Dhamma that you need to discuss and clarify the doubts in the Dhamma Talks.

The locations for the Dhamma Talks may be at the vihara, at a private residence or at a community place.

The whole purpose of the Dhamma Talks is to train your mind to face the facts of life in a moderate and peaceful mind. The final result will be a unbiased   person with a state of equanimity.

The facts of life are happiness / sorrow, gain / losses, fame / blame, and honor and dishonor. The moderate mind with equanimity is the base to move forward in the path of purification, leading to the freedom of mind.