Quite early in the last decade, the need for a place of convergence for those interested in the Buddhist way of life, was felt by many, in Windsor-Essex county and the surrounding region. The Windsor Buddhist Vihara is a result of hard work of dedicated volunteers under the leadership of Piya Gamage. The Windsor Buddhist Vihara was established in year 2003 on the advice of Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha, who was the Chief Resident Monk of the Great Lake Buddhist Vihara of Michigan. Venerable Pinnagoda Rahula was invited to guide the activities of thetemple and he the first resident monk of theWindsor Buddhist Vihara.

The Vihara offers various types of regular religious programs. The Vesak Festivities (commemoration of the Birth,Enlightenment and Passing away of Lord Buddha) and the Katina Ceremony (end of Rainy Retreat of Buddhist Monks) are the main annual events of the Vihara